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Our building conversion services include:

Garage & Loft

At CK Roofing and Building Ltd, our experts have many years of experience in building conversions in Pembrokeshire and South West Wales. Whether you want to convert your garage into a bedroom or loft into a study room, our experts can assist you.

If you wish to discuss your specific requirements, get in touch with us today.

Save electrical energy by converting the sunlight into electricity. By using solar panels, you can start using your own generated electricity for domestic units.

We can fit all solar panels ready for connection to your system, to reduce water and heating costs.

Renewable Energy

Solar Panel Installations

Why choose solar panels?

By using solar panels on your home, you may find savings on energy costs running into thousands of pounds. These savings are made possible by the use of the free, renewable power of the sun’s rays.

Solar panels are not as costly as one may believe and the cost is recouped many times over the years in savings. As long-established experts in building conversions in Pembrokeshire, and with specialist expertise in roofing, we have completed many solar projects in the past.

Bird Free Buildings

Bird Netting

The idea of bird netting is to provide an impenetrable barrier to the pest bird species, causing no harm to the birds and displacing the population to other areas.

This is achieved by first choosing the correct size of netting for the type of pest bird. A tensioned wire, either galvanised or stainless steel, is then installed around the periphery of the structure, with any additional cross wires being installed.

Impenetrable Barrier

The benefits of bird netting include:

  • Cost saving - as the netting reduces cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Reduced nuisance from birds
  • Smarter buildings without any bird mess
  • Used to prevent birds from roosting on exposed ledges, sills, steel beams, etc.
  • Discreet and effective system
  • A humane method which gently pushes the birds off balance and forces them to alight elsewhere
  • Materials which are not affected by sunlight or the elements

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